it's still raining and a. has been kept out of school by a violent allergic cough
so we're going with it,
raiding the blues of old magazines
for a rainy day collage


other bits for 'thank you' cards

hope it's a bit brighter where you are . .   .


Metaxi Mas said...

This is what I mean... I aspire to be the mother you are. Also raining in our part of the world. Missing you lots. Wish we were together in the sunny corner of the Mediterranean which we call home.
PS Moving next week to a country known for its rain. Sigh!

eau de nil said...

ohh, i know it sometimes looks pretty on the blog but you know very well i have my failures! this "sunny" corner just isn't the same without you. i mean, it's not even sunny . . . wishing you the best beginnings possible! X

Nxxx said...

Amazing ideas sis... Wish I was there to do chiroes with you!!!! It's raining over this end too, but I enjoy it!!! Winter blues!!

eau de nil said...

i wish you were, too. i'm usually grateful for the rain but it's been so long i'm beginning to feel soggy! although i do admit i love the intense colour in the garden - even if most of it is weeds . . . winter greens! X