for her dear grandmother
from our easter garden.

hope it's been a good day
here we had some egg hunt issues .  .    .



remember this?
we had a picnic under it the other day.


peeking into the 'immeuble à trous'
as a. calls it. 
[jean nouvel tower 25]

have a good weekend!



sunday morning 
in the new museum

[the beautiful tube chandelier (top)
is by michael anastassiades]



along the riverbed below our village house
trying to glimpse normality for a few hours at the weekend

[a. sniffs the wild mint growing by the water
together with wild garlic flowers, sorrel leaves and fennel]

thank you for all the kind thoughts and words and wishes and
please forgive me for not visiting these past weeks
my old repetitive strain injury is back after many years
and i need to stay away from the computer.
i will try to leave a trace here and there as my arms allow.

good night to you, keep well



we lost a dear friend and we grieved him
and we laughed too at the loud, happy memories
and now it's time to pick up, move on
as best we can.

perhaps even celebrate my birthday tomorrow,
though the numbers are growing more and more far-fetched :)

a beautiful week to you, hope you're all well.

[our quiet breakfasts when k is away]


the ghosts of biscuits past :) 

some scalloped morning sun

a woollen jacket lined with linen for a. from muku
its 's almost moving, how beautifully made it is


the tree-lined avenue that hugs the old city walls

i saw a white wild anemone near a's school today
i didn't have the camera, but it's ok to leave some space for memory too


my mother is 70 today - happy, healthy days, μα!
and thank you for so much.



k came back from france/belgium/estonia/england 
and brought us postcards of frozen landscapes,
and wood and linen and wool, 
and chocolate hearts for little greedy eyes :)

one part of me always wants to travel and see, the other
seems content to just bask in the everyday, the little life .  .    .