i want to say thank you
to all of you who come here, who leave words and goodwill
you have all helped me to see more and better,
to simplify, be grateful.

thank you!

[and yes, this is the light on the eve of winter .  .    . ]




be happy, my little girl. always. please.



i was going to say that we're preparing for a winter that's not coming
but an almighty storm two nights ago has changed something in the air .   .    .

/     curing the first olives. we'll eat these green with olive oil, garlic, crushed coriander + lemon
//    two christmas cakes sleeping in the cupboard
///   sweet peas ready to plant out for spring

and we also made some quince paste with these.

hope your week has started well!



"the autumn is a time when leaves come brown and curl and die. 
and you can not find the very first leaf which is turning 
for summer and winter move slowly in to one another. 
there is not one day when all the leaves are brown."

from The Colour of Milk by Nell Leyshon


still quiet days without k
we do the homework and then go out to the park
today we kicked a cypress cone all the way home :)



she asked for her own alarm clock, 
another small step towards independence
i thought, i'll soon be out of a job
but no, she barely hears it now
and still needs mamma to wake her up .   .     .     

while k is 'catching' birds in mid-flight in paris
among other things



the aftermath of a last-minute all hallows' eve party 
for two little witches (and their mothers)
we think we like that twig there
and might keep it to hang leaves, pebbles, feathers 
and other loot from our walks .  .    .

happy weekend!