on the cusp of spring
the first almond blossom
i remember doing my homework as a child
and being distracted by it
looking out the window and thinking this tree is prettier than a bride.



onesilentwinter said...

the very first one, how lovely.

Nxxx said...

I think it runs in the family... the weird fascination with almond blossoms!!!

coco said...

(^^)! lovely nostalgic moment..
such a sweet note.

i've never seen almond tree in my life and wonder how almond grow on the tree..so interesting.
the flower is almost like cheery blossom. i will show you our cherry blossomn when the time comes.

i was watching tv today and there was my favorite program which is a small program about traveling around the world and my favorite is europe..it was nice. maybe someday, i get to visit some part of europe.
have a wonderful day..

eau de nil said...

two dreams: to visit portugal when acres of almond trees are in bloom; to visit japan and stand in the middle of a cherry orchard. (in the meantime, i'll wait for you to show me, dear coco!)

Metaxi Mas said...

You write so beautiful. I return to your posts just to read your string of words. And I read them at night to my husband!
I hope 'the cusp of spring' will travel to our part of the world.

eau de nil said...

thank you, my sweet friend. i know it will.