a birthday still life with:

pink candle by a.
un dimanche a paris brownie log cake from k.
(who made it back with a night to spare)
wild damascene roses from grandfather

one lucky me



paula said...

your birthday? when? today? yesterday? ... happy birthday!
wishing you a beautiful year xx

a still life with so much love in it ...

eau de nil said...

thank you my dear paula - today! (i didn't show the still life of the washing up . . . )

Demetris said...

Happy belated birthday X....In my sorrow I forgot this milestone.

Olga Inoue said...

dear xenia,
happy birthday

i just remembered
how children in my school
were wishing thing to each
other - to be strong and healthy

i`m happy to know you.

Metaxi Mas said...

Where is the time that I would pop over next door to have a piece of this BRILLIANT birthday cake!
Bless k for having such good taste for cakes, tea and other nice things in life.
And happy birthday to you, my dear. You are the best in town and in bloggoland.
We love you all and miss you all.

coco said...

oh, that was your birthday. one of my sister's birthday too.
happy late birthday to you. ♫ ♪
you are one of lucky one to have such pretty roses.

eau de nil said...

Δημήτρη μου: σ'ευχαριστώ και ούτε που να το σκέφτεσαι.

olga: thank you, so am i.

lisa: i miss you too, and thanks for all the thoughtful gifts.

coco: thank you, warm wishes for your sister. the roses have an incredible smell, they are used to make rosewater. i am also lucky to have such a grandfather )

onesilentwinter said...

dearest Xania,

hope your birthday has been good. sorry i did comment sooner, the mind is in a fog and i am letting it run it journey.

v said...

that cake looks super delicious! i am going to eat some ot the leftover cakes throughout this day : )

and those roses from your grandfather...ohhh myyyy: they are just amazingly beautiful...