coming to terms with some sad news
the purples in the garden always help

especially the tiny wild irises that return
briefly under the olive tree every year,
each flower staying open for just one day.



Olga Inoue said...

first photo is just
perfect.whole day i felt
something alike - darker
room and view with daylight

i`m happy to have
your things to look at
feels like home. every post, x

coco said...

i saw the same purple flower today at the home center and brought it home with me. it is sitting next to me tonight.
it has been nice to come here and look at your pure atmosphere of your world. it is becoming my habit. thanks.
i will be thinking of you.

j said...

i'm so sorry about your sad news.

eau de nil said...

thank you all for your kind words and warm thoughts - i can tell you they help a lot + i'm very, very grateful*

paula said...

hugs x