while waiting for a reluctant spring

a beautiful green parcel is sustaining me
with colour-coded tea and chocolate
and all the hues of a new friendship

'thank you' just doesn't cover it,
my dear v


not quite kew gardens, i know
but it's still good to see our yellow + red
tomato seedlings straining for the light.

now a. 'needs' to go to the garden centre
to buy strawberry plants and look at the cacti.



v said...

i thought you maybe would like a green-spring-colored parcel, happy you did : ) and thank you so much for these heart warming words, you are such a loving soul!

just made myself a big bowl of fruit and berry salad with some yougurt on top. going to cuddle up in my sofa with a book and enjoy it now...YUM. staring on a novel by anne michales. i LOVED her novel "fugitive pieces" so i notice that i have quite high expectations for this one.. always exciting to start on reading a new novel.
i hope you will like the linda olsson novel as much as i did. her stories are filled with such pain AND beauty...just like life..


eau de nil said...

sofa + novel has not happened for a while, but bed + a couple of pages has, which is progress - enjoy!