we came back to a pool of sadness
a little light has gone out
and we've lost the signposts to the 'normal' everyday.

only today with a. on my lap
on my old swing looking at the sky 
we laughed and for a moment drifted towards joy.


we found our rosa damascena in full bloom
and i'm drying the petals to make tea.
if you'd like to try it just drop me a line
i'd love to send you some.



Olga Inoue said...

how beautiful you write, xenia.

reminds me of this book i have,
with letters people shared years ago

i`m, too
settling so slow

Nxxx said...

... miss you ...

many "joyous" hugs...!

eau de nil said...

: you are always so kind, dear olga.
but i like the way you do even more )

: and i you, little sister,
i hope your cold is better than mine.

Demetris said...

What caused the pool of sadness X?
I hope that you feel better soon. Regards to K and A!

v said...

...missed you...

i guess you already know that i would LOVE some petals :)


eau de nil said...

d: thank you for your concern, i will write to you.

v: there are already two sachets put aside for you, they'll soon be on their way :)


v said...

: )))