i won't pretend it was easy
a. had her own agenda
like chasing pigeons in the squares

so we didn't go to the bibliothèque national
to look at the miniatures flamandes
or to le petit atelier de paris
to see the ceramics
or to the cinema to watch
les adieux à la reine

instead we took the batobus to the jardins des plantes
and saw orangoutangs and snow leopards
and to a corner of the louvre
to smile at the mona lisa
to the musée de cluny to greet la dame and her unicorn
and the guignol du luxembourg
pour 'un moment féerique pour les enfants et leurs parents'
(and to parks when it wasn't raining, and children's bookshops,
and the columns of the palais royal)

'so what did you like best about paris?'
'our little home'

shh, we haven't yet told the hotel management
that we've appropriated one of their apartments



olga inoue said...

little story,
like on the book page
i always want to draw
it when i like something

children`s answers are always
the best, true and right to the point,

eau de nil said...

she also said she didn't mind staying
as long as we could find a little school
with nice friends.
we didn't expect that

Valerie said...

we learn so much from our children, don't we ?
i love Paris through your eyes;