my little sister
been + gone

it's always like that
with our big age gap
we've rarely coincided

and i always resent the
silence she leaves behind
but all there is every time
is to make peace with it again



+  until she builds a cyber space of her own
i'm pinching some of her latest hometown photos  .    .     .



Metaxi Mas said...

The talent definitely runs in the family. xx

coco said...

i love this post very much. the photo and your poetic writing makes it so beautiful and feel like jumping into a story.

it is nice for siblings to get together sometimes and we do that few times a year too.
hope you are doing well.

sweet petal is on the way! thank you thank you so much. will let you know when arrived to my hand.

Demetris said...

Beautiful! I cannot wait to see a's photos when she grows up: dad's mum's and godmum's talents in one! She will be a genious

Demetris said...

I think I have mispelled genius...

Nxxx said...

Thank you so much sister!!
Having you in my life has helped me believe in what I can do... well!!
Thank you all for your lovely comments! It has been wonderful to hit the click button again!!