our weekend: II

lunch at my mother's
an intimate gathering of generations

my sister's home for a few days +
a.'s happy to have her godmother back.



coco said...

that is one of my favotite tree..the colorfulness is so amazing. love it. i can dive into it

eau de nil said...

mine too, me too, coco )


Metaxi Mas said...

The first picture, as it appeared on the screen of my phone, really pulled my heart. I thought I missed a wedding or celebration.... It is so pretty. And also Part I of your weekend. I am not sure if I can do 6 years of watching these pictures instead of seeing what they portray unfold in real life. We are both hesitating now.... Lots of love. We miss you so much. As you enter our door here in UK you can see a picture of a. & n. and then onwards, almost in every room.

paula said...

so beautiful ad dreamy ...