hot   |   hyper  |   happy  !

(and the bedcover goes quickly back on the sofa .   .    .  )


a rose for ariane -
 thank you for the liebster blog award
i couldn't bring myself to choose
so i send it on to all of you as a 
thank you for sharing your days.



vingtseptembre said...

Your appartement looks nothing but amazing ! Was it something else before becoming one ? It looks huge ... I so much envy you this Cyprus light coming in ...

Nxxx said...

Wonderful post!!!

coco said...

your roses were so wonderful.
it was in my tea cup this afternoon. thanks for making me feel like a woman ☺

Metaxi Mas said...

Oh I so look forward to being back home and in your house too. This are amazing pictures of a. And our daughter asking whether she can jump on the sofa too after seeing these! Only 1 month and 6 days. xxxx

Amélie said...

Magical chiaroscuro with shining red. Such a light!

Demetris said...

Warm colours to go with the ambience...cool chick in the making! Beautiful capture of lovely moments with your magic lens.

Ariane Reichardt said...

This is so sweet!
Dear Xenia,
thank you very much for the pretty rose! Love this photo! I can even find birds in the light...

And, doesn't matter, that couldn't bring yourself to choose only 5 and taken all of us instead ;-)

You are a big heart.


Nxxx said...

Did you notice the "heart" in the first photo? A "heart" from the sun!!