when it's 43 celsius it might as well be a rainy day
playing outdoors is inconceivable
so we hover drowsily in the dark shadows and make
clay biscuits, among other things

the thought of turning the oven on to bake real ones
just doesn't even enter our minds  .  .   .



Metaxi Mas said...

When it is 12 degrees and has rained for days on end and your daughter keeps saying; 'It was nicer in Cyprus. You never let me wear my sandals or my bikini here'........ you kind of look forward to complain about the 43 degrees. xxxxxx

eau de nil said...

i hear you, dear L . . .
i look forward to playing 'verandas' )


Amélie said...

Here also, it's pretty cold and rainy (but I rather like it that way!).
But the shadows are magical. I always love the shades of blue and grey.

Nxxx said...

I send you our 29 Celsius during the day but... Here's the catch: they come with 45km winds!!!
Live the shadows!!

Demetris said...

I miss that intense dry heat of the Cyprus summer...your photos transmit it miles away. Love them...love the summer!

paula said...

temperatures rising over here too ... expected well over 40ºC from early next week ... so happy for the shadows! *