our days have been crowded with wonderful people
in back yards, old streets, full moon gardens
our paths crossing as some return and others leave.

it's now our turn to pack suitcases and count down hours -
to a subtropical winter in the indian ocean
where k's ancestor from brittany put down roots
about two and a half centuries ago.

and where are you / have you been?


Anonymous said...

second foto is beautiful!
wish you will have a very nice time where you go!
i am still here, counting the days patiently, till we pack our things for our trip to a beautiful greek island :)

v said...

the beauty in your photos makes my breath deep...it refreshes me.....thank you....


eau de nil said...

e > thank you - how i miss a greek island ! have a wonderful time and looking forward to the pictures.

v > thank you always for your words.

Demetris said...

Ile Maurice is truly beautiful....I envy you. I will pack my bags after a week of intense work to go to glitzy kitsch South Beach Miami in the middle of hurricane season....just to be on a long sandy beach less than 3 hours away....I will not publish as beautiful photos! Have a lovely....winter break!