when a. was a tiny bundle her papa would carry her on his shoulders
for an imaginary lullaby stroll through the jardin de pamplemousses
on the back of an elephant, looking for a little monkey .   .     .



Ariane Reichardt said...

Your words makes the lily pads becomes footsteps from an elephant... for me. I like it very much!
Fantastic pictures. Even your images of your trip over the ocean.
I enjoy them very much.
Thank you.

Nxxx said...

Μοναδικές φωτογραφίες...
Σκέψου τα παιδικά παραμύθια - να τα μοιραστείς και με άλλα παιδάκια!!!!

Demetris said...

Lovely botanical gardens with giant lillies...the most memorable I have ever been to, revisited through your brilliant photographs!

Anonymous said...

can i walk on these giant lillies :)
with small hops!

eau de nil said...

A: i love your image of the giant footprints - and thank you for such kind words, always.

N: τα δικά σου :)

D: they were almost spent and not nearly as enormous but, like a child, i couldn't walk away from them.

E: apparently they can take the weight of a newborn, but one can always let the imagination skip and hop!

paula said...

beautiful and refreshing ... so looking forward to cooler days now.
have a beautiful weekend *

coco said...

nmmm, this is so peaceful place. i could sit there all day gazing the water and nature. lovely place to be.
you bring me joy! thanks so much