warm day
   laundry day
family day



Anonymous said...

beautiful laundry!

Simone . Frankfurt am Main said...

oh, I love this colours
and the atmoshpäre !

lovely greetings to you ! :)

maya said...

amazing photo!

Demetris said...

Lovely day....!

j said...

such wonderful fabrics
i love the simple beauty in your life
xo, j

Teresa M.C. said...

Dear Xenia,
thanks for visiting my blog (I only noticed today the comment you left).
I've been following yours for some time, it's lovely.

eau de nil said...

E > when she was tiny it was almost entirely grey, now there is a little faded pink too : )

S > and to you ! but of course i'm dreaming of your autumn . . .

M > thank you, it's so lovely to see you here!

D > it was, with little boy cousins running around

j > then it's mutual ; )

T > thank you, i'm very moved by yours.

federica said...

So nice colours ♥ F.

paula said...

what a homely feeling!


have a beautiful weekend my dear


Anonymous said...

pictures of laundry day are so charming.....the daily!
lovely picture!!

eau de nil said...

f > thank you, such nice pictures on your blog!

p >it's the one thing, living in the med, the laundry drying outside :)

m > i'm so happy to see you here - soon there will be some beautiful marie et rose alice clothes drying here too, the ones we bought some months ago, for this winter!