outside our bedroom window

october skies, the first green shoots from bulbs and weeds -
i could almost break into a little dance
if it wasn't for this cold


on narcissism
(or why mothers need to be servants .  .   .  : )



Anonymous said...

interesting article

Demetris said...

Hope you feel better soon dear X to enjoy those beautiful flowers...and the fall in Cyprus

Amélie said...

The most gorgeaous bedroom window. How magical it must be to open the eyes every morning.

eau de nil said...

m > i find especially where it talks about self love helping one to get over the self.

D > a lot better, thank you )

A > yes, it is a special way to start the morning )

paula said...

so beautiful in its white purity

j said...

interesting article and stunning window view
hope you feel better soon
xo, j