so many goodbyes these past few days
(one aunt, two godmothers, three boy cousins + papa)
a. is putting on a brave face
but is not always able to deal with the emotions.

here with my sister at a 'laundry' installation
in the old town moments before autumn came down  .    .      .

[all photos by my sister]


Demetris said...

Beautiful shirts drying in the Nicosia breeze...300 Ermou Street, a cultural centre, the Embassy of Brazil, near Famagusta Gate and Aegeon down the road...must be one of the most colourful parts of the old city! Excellent photography captures the colours and moments...

Amélie said...

I love this "laundry" installation, beautifully captured. Your sister is very talented too

j said...

the installation literally took my breath away
...as if we could join hands an fly...
thank you for the incredible photos
goodbyes are never easy
extra hugs for a.
xo, j