"it's my party and i'll cry if i want to"

phew. we're all glad that's over : )
have a wonderful week!



Patrice A. said...

oh, yes!
I have been there ;^))

that last picture
so wonderful
what a grand idea

happy week to you!
Patrice A.

eau de nil said...

P > so glad to know that, Patrice! there were some lonely, overwrought mother moments )
yes, i thought nothing like some toilet rolls to focus little minds + hands, they decorated them beautifully.

vingtseptembre said...

The light, the lamp, the paper hats, everything is gorgeous !

eau de nil said...

vs > thank you, sarah (probably the only corner not submerged in chaos :)

Demetris said...

Did Judy and Johnny just walk through the door like a queen and her king? I am sure that spoiled the princess's party and I guess...I would cry too if it happened to me!

Amélie said...

great idea these paper crown for a crowd of little princes and princesses. Have a nice rest ! (for Elsa's 6th birthday we had 17 little ones at home:)).

eau de nil said...

D > : )

A > now, that is brave!

j said...

the crowns!!!
i love your crowns
and a princess will have such moments
haven't we all
don't forget, you're a great mum!
xo, j

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures, very expressive and full of meaning.