k brought us news of autumn in brussels

and books and chocolate

and two postcards of 'la fillette a l'oiseau mort'
early 16th century, painter unknown
one of them is yours, dear olga
if you'd like it

i wish you a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

beautiful news :)
beautiful fotos!

Demetris said...

Beautiful as always...greetings from the Sandy ravaged Big Apple

j said...

i've missed your world
so very beautiful
xo, j

olga inoue said...

oh. dear xenia

smiling at you now

and the card with
willow baby shoes is
on my wall, the summer one

good sunday for all of you

Nxxx said...

K's photos from his trips have a kind of magic that he allows us to see through his lens! I would love to blow up the yellows into something really big on a wall! Wow!