a brisk walk around the neighbourhood
while the lentil soup bubbled on the stove
a cold wind blowing *    *         *



olga inoue said...

just sealed the envelope for you,

chalk walls are so enchanting,
like a paper for drawing

good night to you, xenia

Nxxx said...

Lentil soup over here too today! And a side of migraine...
Lots and lots of love!!

Simone . Frankfurt am Main said...

x . you live on a soo beautiful place on this world . oh yes !

Line+Liv said...

pur, simple + beautiful +++ wove Wiebke

Demetris said...

Lentil soup reminds of the little cook book you and K introduced me to written by Rena Salaman...and my taste buds take me far away to the east....delicious!

eau de nil said...

o > yes, but unfortunately they attract a lot of uninteresting graffiti. i'm too spoiled, dear olga :)

N > hope you're done with that now.

S > come visit! but of course it's not all pretty . . .

L > so happy to meet you here, Wiebke!

D > that was the one that was bubbling :)

v said...

beautiful scenery
i LOVE lentil soup...

here now:
drinking warm tea while it is snowing outside my window