a few more dolls house props
recently made for a long lost cousin mouse
we heard she was redecorating : )

we love her mattress sofa, her sophisticated magazines,
her knitting basket, the pictures on the wall .  .   .



Metaxi Mas said...

I wish I was a mouse and could book a holiday in a's mouse house. x

Anonymous said...

so beautiful. making dollhouse pieces was a big favorite for me as a kid. top favorite piece was a blueberry pie made of clay in a bottlecap (one slice cut out.)

Patrice A. said...

you are
too sweet!

Patrice A.

la casita said...

I agree with Patrice!
I suspect that this is just the beginning...
Thank you for the lovely gifts, the fun and this sweet post!

sanaeishida.com said...

o my goodness, Xenia, these are too precious for words and yes, i wish i was mouse-sized too.

Anonymous said...

oh my, the chair!
those are truly amazing!

olga inoue said...


you are so so good, xenia.

Amélie said...

i wish I wa a mouse too! Precious little treasures.

nicole said...

How charming. Of course the knitting basket is my favourite!


Lea said...

Absolutely amazing, you beautiful woman, so talented!

justine said...

OMG! These are exquisite! Can you make big ones for my own house?

I inherited my Grandmother's doll house and it became my first decorating project. I used to love making things for it. I have so many miniatures from my two grandmothers which I still cherish. I can't wait until Solvi is a little older so we can make objects for her doll house too.

eau de nil said...

thank you all for the lovely comments - i wouldn't mind shrinking for a bit, either )

m > what a wonderful idea, your bottlecap blueberry pie, i'll try to 'bake' one.

l c > i know it's only the beginning!

n > so happy to see you here, i think the knitting basket is my favourite too and (sadly) i don't even knit!

j > oh, the real thing! please let me know when Solvi is ready, i'd love to contribute )