a pink cloud
that brought joy, friendship


i would have loved to put it on the wall (like here)
but a. wants to cuddle it
and take it with her 'on her travels'.

thank you is a little poor, dear Alessandra
but we feel it deeply



v said...

....i know that i am not a little princess anymore but i would not mind at all to cuddle with that beautiful pink cloud by the lovely alessandra ....or to have it on my wall : )


Patrice A. said...

dear xenia
these images are
so beautiful
full of light
and love
what a great gift
I am sorry for your loss

thinking of you
Patrice A.

la casita said...

thank you Xenia, what a perfect beautiful spot! the light is amazing there. I'm happy to know that Anna and the little cloud are friends! and thank Vibeke up there! xxAlessandra

Louise said...

Beautiful images x

sanaeishida.com said...

The light, airy prettiness of your home is amazing! And oh, I have such a weakness for cloud pillows and who can resist a pink one?

Demetris said...

Beautiful colours, beautiful room, great eye...

Amélie said...

I'd love to cuddle it too! So soft and warm. The light in your white room is like in a dream.

Anonymous said...

it's very nice
to have a cloud
in your house :)
it suits perfectly
in this beautiful white room.