i feel so much for the little wolf
as she tries to smooth her edges
and take hold of her anger
instead of letting it take hold of her

this week she is aiming for 7 *


talking of stars, this beautiful parcel arrived for her today
mama wolf is impatient to see what's inside .   .    .



Anonymous said...

oh, look! spring! :)

what was in the package?

very beautiful images
in the posts before.


eau de nil said...

E > thank you + yes, spring is here. i will show you soon, it's incredible :)

alessandra said...

The first signs of Spring...I wish I could see it here too, still very wintery though.
oh the poor little wolf will find her way
so relieved the parcel finally arrived ;)

Amélie said...

Pure beauty!
Happy seven* to the most graceful wolf.
I wish spring were here too...

Patrice A. said...

beatiful first image
yes, please!
spring come soon!!
oh.... and a parcel
from la casita

Patrice A.

and a question
how can I order one of
your garlands?

eau de nil said...

P A > thank you! i'll write to you.