it's been a mixed week
of single-mothering
difficult news
quiet contemplation
and spring bursting out of its buds
all around, regardless 

which, even if a little early,  is so reassuring .    .      .



olga inoue said...

my dear xenia

hope these news,
they won't be so hard
on you and family

sending you my thoughts

and wild irises for you
they are ready

here, we are having
another winter and
spring, it's only at home

with love,

Demetris said...

My dearest Xenia...I hope that you and your family are well. I am so sorry about your difficult news. I will see you next weekend. Beautiful almond tree blossoms...all the spring in the vase!

Anonymous said...

wish everything is much better now.
look at the beautiful blossoms in the vase
and relax your mind and soul.

la casita said...

but your images are always so peaceful and beautiful...courage Xenia

sanae (sanaeishida.com) said...

dear xenia - sending you thoughts of loveliness and hopes of improved spirits and situations. xo

j said...

Darling Xenia
Wishing you strength through your difficult time.
The blooms are beautiful, glad they are there to soothe your heart.

Amélie said...

this is spring! The spirit of spring and its beauty. I'm in love with these photos.
I hope you will be well.

Patrice A. said...

beautiful images
soft and peaceful
I hope you will feel better soon

Patrice A.

eau de nil said...

thank you all so much for being so supportive,
it makes all the difference


WSAKE said...

all the best to you
and your family

and i hope
the next weeks are going to be better
and easier and beautiful

this vase - so very pretty!