i'm grateful
for every weed, pebble, stick or snail
that she lovingly brings me, every kiss + hug
as i'm already glimpsing the bored, moody teenager
in that 5-year-old lounging on the sofa  .   .   .

i wish you a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

hallo little a.!

have a beautiful weekend!

Demetris said...

Isn't she lovely?

Metaxi Mas said...

Seeing our a. so comfortable on the sofa in our favourite house makes us miss her so much. n. says that it 'hurts her heart'.

eau de nil said...

ΕΤ > thank you!

D > 'τόπους-τόπους', Δημήτρη μου!

MM > how we miss you + n.

WSAKE said...

those yellow flowers
so much needed

eau de nil said...

W > weeds in our garden :)