/  an improvised lunch :

>  250g small brown lentils, 1 onion + 2 garlic cloves - chopped, 150ml olive oil, sea salt
>  boil in plenty of water until tender, remove from heat +  add some finely chopped fresh mint, ground black pepper + small, crumbled  chunks of feta cheese, then dress with a little more oil.
> serve with bread + black olives.

//  having admired la casita's teapot, i 'virtually' stumbled on this one
    now added to my cast iron dreams :)

/// my sister is visiting
     and she brought me a hug of arum lilies.

and it's almost the weekend .   .    .    


Anonymous said...

lentils by your way
look delicious!-
lovely lilies!-
wish you
a beautiful weekend xenia!

AK said...

Simple, nourishing food. Simple, nourishing photos. Have a great weekend with your sister!

Amélie said...

hummm... i'll try these lentis of yours, with mint and feta cheese.
have a beautiful sunday

la casita said...

that recipe seems delicious, i'll try it. oh my goodness that teapot!!! mine is very common, you can find it in many places but that one is perfect! the quintessential of cast iron teapots...i wish i have it too!

eau de nil said...

thank you, hope you all had a great weekend! i was so surprised by the 'invented' lentils, they were very good :)