déjà vu, our second christmas
it always feels like the last few metres of a marathon race
the child blowing kisses is back at school
and we have been married twenty years .    .     .



Patrice A. said...

always so much beauty
around here ;^))

happy anniversary!
and i hope this second christmas
was without migraine


eau de nil said...

thank you and
if only, dear Patrice,
it seems it's made it a tradition!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary dear xenia!
beautiful decorations :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! wonderful!

shipbuilding said...

twenty years...that is so wonderful
wishing A a happy return to school

I'm looking forward to another year
of your beauty filled posts

much happiness to you for the year

k x

Amélie said...

how beatiful! two christmas and an anniversary
a life filled with celebrations!
happy anniversary dear xenia

Demetris said...

Congratulations on such a great milestone anniversary! Happy anniversary!

j said...

Happy Anniversary!
Your photos are stunning...love the kisses!!!
Hope your celebrations last throughout the year.
xo, j

olga inoue said...

this christmas, second one
it is so close to my heart.

wishing many happy days and years ahead
for both of you, happy a. day, dear xenia
sorry, i missed the whole week.

eau de nil said...

E > thank you - we kept it all very minimal this year and thankfully there were no complaints from the youngest inhabitant :)

m > thank you so much Caitlin, after ups, downs and life lessons, it feels really good.

s > it's a good place to be, dear kim, thank you! a happy year to you too, so glad+ grateful to know you'll be close by :)

A > thank you, it's such a busy time that when we finally went out the two of us all we could do was yawn: the world's most boring couple :)

D > ευχαριστούμε Δ μου - remember all those years ago?

j > thank you! craving for a little quiet time now to get back to basics :)

o > i know, i wish it was like that for us rather than an afterthought tagged on at the end.

thank you for your warm wish, and don't worry at all, we worked hard, now all days are the same: content, happy :)

la casita said...

congratulations and happy anniversary dear Xenia <3
oh and your home is beautiful.
(we have the same butterflies garland)