remember this?
we had a picnic under it the other day.


peeking into the 'immeuble à trous'
as a. calls it. 
[jean nouvel tower 25]

have a good weekend!



Ariane Reichardt said...

Amazing, dear Xenia! That graphic lines contain life! beautiful blossoms.

Right yesterday I have bought some thyme and rosemary at the market... you on my mind ;-)


Demetris said...

Absolutely fabulous X!

Amélie said...

wisteria! one of my favourite spring flower. how wonderful to have a wisteria runing along the house. so graceful.
ours is still very small. but its wonderful scent was entering the house on hot spring days.

michelle chamlee said...

I'll take a wisteria clipping over here please. :)

Patrice A. said...

ours is almost
almost blooming

how i love your gentle world
wish you
happy days

Camila Faria said...

Beautiful blossoms! I'm sure it's the perfect place to have a picnic.


eau de nil said...

A > thank you dear Ariane + the herbs sound lovely, ours are rampant right now in the garden.

D > the rain had already taken its blooms by the time you came.

A > ours is small too, dear Amelie, it's the first time it has given us more than one bloom. yes, i'm hoping it will drape all along the garden wall.

mc > i'm sure it would be very happy where you are.

PA > ours has just stopped blooming but it's pushing out lots of fresh leaves, almost just as pretty. enjoy it and humble thanks.

CF > happy you liked them, dear Camilla. its' a small, walled garden, a microcosm of flora and fauna :)

helen said...

love wisteria - our is just opening up.