and while we were in england
look who hurricane bertha blew our way .  .  .

a friend for a,
a friend for me.

happy days  . .  .


she's always happy to find
the flowers she pressed the summer before
only we don't always remember what they were . .   .



alessandra said...

I feel sad we live so far away :(
it was great. for once I can thank the heavy rain! xx

Anonymous said...

so sweet

Patrice A. said...

such fine images!!
it makes me smile
a friendship between you two
i can understand the sad feeling

Amélie said...

dear xenia,
wonderful photos! isn't it bliss?

i'm the same with my pressed flowers...of course inside a book, but which one? ... and then a few years later they appear again, unexpected treasure.

Demetris said...

Happy days to you X! Beautiful photos as always!

Anonymous said...

happy moments :)
beautiful pressed flowers!

M+ said...

Hi Xenia!
Oh, how beautiful this simple post!

olga inoue said...

just have no words,
so happy for you, all of you.

and it is so good to be back
here again, dear xenia