mama bell, papa bell and baby bell
each with a different ring


the garland in real clay,
now the discs make a gentle sound when they touch each other

my first ceramic class
no chance to go over and perfect,
which was good for me.



olga inoue said...

i was waiting for these!, dear xenia
ever since you told me, first ones are
always so special.
seem perfect already

with love, wishing many classes ahead
and a letter will follow right away

Anonymous said...

imperfect ceramics are my favorite. I just find it difficult to accept that MINE can't be perfect :)

simone . frankfurt am main said...

oh xenia . i love it . <3

Demetris said...

How talented you are dear X! Perfection in white strikes again...

Anonymous said...

oh, ceramic classes! enjoy them!
beautiful, both the bells and the garland :)

Amélie said...

your ceramics, like your images, are filled with grace
and poetry.

shipbuilding said...

all of the above...


...and maybe one day
a little shop ; )

wishing you a wonderful festive season
full of love and good times

k x

michelle chamlee said...

That second photo is positively beautiful! Catalogue quality ;-)

Are they porcelain?

eau de nil said...

o i > my dear olga, thank you for feeling with me
and an answer will come back soon.

m > ooo, i sympathise entirely :)

s > so kind of you to stop by and say that, thank you!

D > ευχαριστώ Δ μου, παρ'όλο που η τελειότητα είναι ακόμα μακριά :)

e > thank you, hoping for more . . .

A > i hope it's like that dear Amelie, how i'd like it to be like that - thank you!

s > Kim, so sweet of you, and so good and important to me to hear it from you, thank you for the encouragement. warm wishes to you too!

m c > thank you michelle, no they're not but one day soon i think i'd really like them to be :)