some almond blossom for you as promised,
dear olga

there was pine and cedar and pops of white and pink
as we climbed towards the mountains this weekend

and winter was still clinging on at the top.



Demetris said...

Far away I hope from the snow capped mountains to feel the coming of spring....I can smell the pines, the cedar and the blossoms! Beautiful composition X as always...miss them all

Amélie said...

hello spring!
your delicate almond blossom are its most precious tresure.

Patrice A. said...

such beautiful images
of the first spring-blossoms
i am soooo looking forward!
this weekend promise to be a fine one


Anonymous said...

Lovely! White sow, white almond flowers. Thank you.

olga inoue said...

dear xenia,

hope to see these blossoms myself one day
there, somewhere on your land

good moring and
thank you, as always

Anonymous said...

so beautiful!
and those big clouds above the mountain.
have a good week dear xenia x

eau de nil said...

D > they miss you :)

A > i get so excited each and every year . . .

PA > thank you, i hope it was, it has started to rain here all over again

c > thank you dear Kenza, and when the wind blows and the almond blossom falls it's not unlike snow

o > i wish it with everything i've got

e > thank you, we will soon miss those clouds when the horizon turns blue.