we're back from england
where we spent 10 days dismantling 
40 years' worth of memories
one of the hardest things to do
in terms of heart, 
especially saying goodbye to an old apple tree in bloom .   .       .



Patrice A. said...

that's sad

take care

Amélie said...

dear xenia,
i hope cyprus's spring will warm your heart
take care
much love

Demetris said...

Be strong my friends!

michelle chamlee said...


Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

it's very sad to leave
from somewhere you love to be.
but there is always the hope and the dream
you will return.

many kisses
and wish you a lovely may!

eau de nil said...

PA > it is - as well as hard work :)

A > oh yes, it does, the spring is glorious, distracting . . .

D > doing our best, gritting our teeth, there's still a way to go. so good to see you!

mc > needing that, thanks!

ET > it's sad to leave a home, a nest, but at some point inevitable. a asks, can't we at least keep the garden? or become friends with the people who're buying it? :)

justine said...

it is.