a sandstorm from syria choked the island for three days
and everything was covered in a red blanket of dust

today we can breathe again, open the windows .  .     .



Demetris said...

Everything looks so clean, white pure and clinical on the photos...following a cleaning frenzy? Breathe....have a lovely weekend X K and A!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

the clear water bottle somehow gives a sense of calmness :)

eau de nil said...

D > thank you! no, just the normal state of affairs -it's just that you always come during K's cooking frenzies :) hope you had a lovely birthday.

ET > i try to drink two of those a day :)

michelle chamlee said...

i can relate — 
we're dealing with some prescribed forest burnings just outside town. it has forced us to keep our windows closed for the past 3 days which is especially unfortunate due to our unusually warm weather right now. sort of makes you feel like you're trapped in a cage . . . :-/

glad to see you back on here!