i made these garlands for friends
last year and the year before
with air drying clay and string.

i thought they were soothing to look at.


today i was so amused - pleased even - to see almost the same thing in cotton for sale in this nice shop.



Metaxi Mas said...

Hi eau de nil,

I am wondering if I can buy your garlands from clay. I would like to order one with grey thread. Is that possible? I am sure lots of your readers would love your stuff and I am very happy to be one of the friends you make things for.... xxxx

eau de nil said...

i'd be delighted my dear lisa - but you already have the red thread one ; are you sure?

Nxxx said...

Εσύ να το δεις σίστα!!! Maybe u should sell your too!!!

eau de nil said...

μια φορά κι ένα καιρό . . .
πεθυμώ σε

onesilentwinter said...

it is lovely, did they copy from you because that would not kind of them.

they are soothing for sure.

Olga Inoue said...

this mobile so
beautiful and fragile

i like this
material a lot -
air drying clay,
i just posted the house,
made of it
such a coincidence

eau de nil said...

dear nadia, i'm so glad you like it, no they couldn't have, i've never shown it anywhere before.

dear olga, thank you, i love this material too, so many possibilities, so white. i'll go now and see the house.

v said...

i find myself coming back to look at this beautiful garland so many times now that i want to ask you if i can order one from you with a grey or black thread...is it possible you think?

enjoying chocolate
a cup with rose petals in thè du sables tea now...a lovely moment.

eau de nil said...

i too like that tea! i'd love to make you one, dear v, i' ll write to you . . .

Lea said...

I think they are absolutely gorgeous!! What a talented beautiful friend, I am so lucky to have!
love you and miss you much