we thought we'd give the viking ships something to navigate by.
cloud cards with gold stars from le petit atelier de paris.

it is now freezing indoors, too, heating and hot water system broken
and one cat at the vet's. so we wrap fingers around bowls of soup
and cups of tea, and we wait.


the new vdj collection is, as always,
lovely to look at.



Olga Inoue said...

yesterday`s night
i shiped your things.

hope, your house
will be warm sooner
and everyone stay healthy.

eau de nil said...

thank you, olga, i look forward to them.
and it is already warmer thank you, and molly the cat is doing better, only a. had some adventures, i hope it's all over now.

Metaxi Mas said...

These are really beautiful clouds. Can we order these online? Since my daughter's name has something to with clouds..... Missing you so much. xx

eau de nil said...

yes, here: http://lamaisondepompon.bigcartel.com/
i wish you and your little cloud were here with us.