a moonscape of sea salt flakes
baked and ground with zest from our garden lemons
to cheer up our winter food.
'citrus salt' as told by heidi.

it's freezing out there tonight.
it might even snow on the plain.
have a snug weekend!



v said...

i SO like her site,
her foodstyle is so fresh and beautiful.
i have wanted to buy one of her cookbooks for quite some time now....do you have one of them?

been a sunny weekend here in my corner of the world. still lots of snow but i am embracing the signs of spring with all of my heart. today i had the window open while i was writing on a letter and i could here lots of birds singing...makes me happy!

hope you also have had a lovely weekend,

eau de nil said...

i've given one away, but i'm yet to get one for me. the light is soft here too, the weather no longer angry - but i think the clouds are gathering again next week.

yes, it was a lovely weekend, thank you, i'm glad yours was too.