our day by the salt lake was also silver
where the wetland blurs the boundary between earth and water.
in summer the lake goes away altogether, leaving only the salt.


a bird of prey - a falcon? - had us all at his feet.

. .  . but from these photos you wouldn't know about the planes taking off and landing on the other side. it's a little sad - i still remember the donkeys they used to collect the salt. it's too polluted now.



v said...

such a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere in your photos..always...
YES, the chocolate was absolutely
super-delicious: )


coco said...

sometimes i remember the days when i was growing up, not much advanced atechnology but life was slower and peaceful than today.
but those grey day photos of your life is still pretty and very calming.

eau de nil said...

thank you both for your kind words. i've been thinking about them and wondering whether i am right in seeking out and isolating the calm and the peaceful, or whether one should take the world as it is, with all its noises and uglinesses, to feel truly at home in it . . .