with the new weather
i find i'm reaching out
for our whites and blues

but the clouds are not yet done
expecting rain later in the week

have a beautiful one!



Nxxx said...

Dear Sis! The Second photo from the top is it a clutch bag? If yes, where is it from? ;-)

eau de nil said...

you are right - it would make a lovely clutch bag! but no, it's chocolate, or rather the wrapping that I can't bring myself to throw away . . .

Metaxi Mas said...

Oh I am in love with the shoes, you have to let me know where they are from.... and if you can wash these in the machine. Such a lovely post. FANTASTIC.
Your blog is so beautiful.
Thank you for this.

eau de nil said...

bensimon from vdj (+vdc). allegedly you can wash them in the machine,but there are already light blue stains on the canvas, i'm not sure i'd risk it. thank you for your loving words!

coco said...

white shoes is so nice to have and i have couple of pairs too waiting for the suitable weather now.
white shoes in blue sky and sunny day is one of my favorite.
your simple beauty photo makes me feel so relax as always.
good night now☾

paula said...

I cannot bring myself to throw away my tiny collection of rococo chocolate wrappings as well ... I have kept them religiously for years and on occasions I use one as envelope to send out messages to friends :)

for this s/s I got myself a pair of those in yellow piping and a pair of ballerine in sand colour and a pair of milonga in navy all from here http://www.spartoo.pt/Bensimon-b330.php. bensimon shoes have been a staple over here for years and I always buy at least a pair each year. so practical and carefree!

and please do us a favour and send some rain over here ... not a single drop and nothing on the horizon :(


paula said...

I realised there is a spartoo near you (http://www.spartoo.gr/Bensimon-b330.php) :)

eau de nil said...

coco: i wish you that kind of day
so you can take your white shoes for a walk :)

paula: we have that in common, too :) ? have you got the sea salt?

thank you for the address, i had no idea. these are actually a.'s, i've been dreaming of the sand ballerine for ages but my feet are sadly not carefree, they need inserts (

+ if only i could blow on those clouds . . .