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do you like washing up or any sort of housekeeping? :)



Metaxi Mas said...

haha, guilty! I like tidying up and cleaning, but I don't like cooking. although I can now make a brilliant mint pea soup and a fantastic penne bake (guests, be warned, this is the newest dish, which I will serve countless times) miss your house xxxxxxxxx

Valerie said...

i like the feeling that comes afterwards, not the action/work in particular

olga inoue said...

sometimes i cant even start making
things,drawing unless it is all tidy around me.
when house is a mess i get so sad and i mess it up so fast,
like to keep everything on the floor.


eau de nil said...

lisa, your house is an inspiration, it feels so peaceful there with everything always in its place - but such a hard example to follow ! (i really look forward to sampling the new menu . . .)

i'm more like olga and valerie, i have the aspiration but don't necessarily enjoy the process, and it stays tidy for so little time, then i feel i need to start all over again. )