our first sea sunday
borrowing the excitement from her eyes
to remember the old, narrow road and hot car
the first sight, and the promise of ice cream
on the way home.



Metaxi Mas said...

I am impressed by the pictures, as always, and I miss this sea and those spots. Oh! But my daughter would be impressed by a.'s T-shirt! You see, we live in 'Charlie and Lola' land now.
[at least Charlie and Lola are really nice characters]

Nxxx said...

I suppose we had a pretty amazing childhood!!! Dad was my superhero especially during the summer months!!!

coco said...

that wild flower remind you of me..how nice. it is beautiful.
love wild flowers. this one seems like a strong plant couming out between the stones.
seeing the ocean view this early spring must be so special. do you live close to the ocean?

eau de nil said...

lisa: yes, she was surprised to find it among her clothes, you know i'm not too fond of cartoons on them. and it's pink.

n: we did - and he was ! even if he liked rose ice cream :). waiting for you . . .

coco: we live half an hour away. very soon it will be too hot for us to go in the mornings, the earth is already gold and brown.

paula said...

that could be a path of porcelain stones ... wouldn't it be amazing?

ps> sorry for my post today! not really my style and I had promised myself years ago not to express those sort of things in there ... but it had to be done, not least as a way of protecting myself need it be!

eau de nil said...

paula, it would - both in the open air or a white indoor space.
and i totally agree that it had to be done, anyone with any visual sensitivity can tell something isn't right.

Valerie said...

i needed this so bad today.
thank you !