once upon a time
there was a cornflakes box  .    .       .          [ template here ]


in real time, every year
our neighbour kindly brings round a bagful of tiny plums
they were a little sharp so we stewed them
and ate them with vanilla ice cream :

> bring 500g of plums to the boil with 4 tbsp water + 2 tbsp sugar.

> tuck a cinnamon stick + 2 stars of anise amongst the plums, turn heat down to a gentle simmer + leave fruit to bubble slowly until tender  - 10/20 minutes depending on ripeness.

                                                                     [ from tender ]



Metaxi Mas said...

I want to be there so n. can eat the vanilla ice cream, v. can eat the stew of plums and I can admire the castle and everything. Counting now: 23 days. xxxxxx

Amélie said...

The cinnamon and anise must be great with plums. I'll try it. Love the castle pattern, so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

hallo! i' ve found today your lovely blog through olga!
beautiful fotos & stories!
nice to meet you!


Patrice A. said...

beautiful castle
and yummy plums
with ice cream
I like it here

eau de nil said...

mm > we're counting too !

amelie > made more plums yesterday, ours do need the ice-cream to balance the acidity. yes, minieco is a great source of inspiration.

evdokia > i'm delighted you found your way here ! can i also talk to you in greek?

patrice > so happy you like it here, i love your work, was just a little shy to comment . . .