a memory of orange
sparked by that little white dress
which she wore again today,
three summers on,
as an airy blouse

[photos of marrakech by k]


Nxxx said...

lovely orange!!!

Simone . Frankfurt am Main said...

what beautiful ways .....
and the lights ..... !

olga inoue said...

dear xenia, third photo -
a, sitting there - just like
my first pupil - miyu, she was
2,5 i was 18, greatest experience
teaching, listening, becoming friends.

i love your photos, want to say it
every time.

and good night to you

Anonymous said...

lovely lights & colors!
& the tiles in the first picture, beautiful!

Demetris said...

Warm colours...uber kool concepts by the one and only X!

eau de nil said...

thank you all for the good words )


Lilli said...

Sometimes, words come to me at the pace of a thirsty donkey. Especially when met with images that stir something inside.

I know, it should be quite enough just to take it all in and be quiet; the cool tiles, the blues, the girl. Why this urge to try to explain or describe something that is already obvious. Maybe a simple 'thank you' will do.

Thank you.