( without a. )



olga inoue said...

i always like your grays.

and woven chair
- rye fields
from up above.

Lea said...

Wish I was there xx

Demetris said...

Peaceful? Lonely? Delicious? Brief? Lovely?

eau de nil said...

o > a confession: i wish i could have a grey + white blog, but it's so hard in a blue-skied land with a multicoloured child!

i love your image of rye fields from above, i will always see them now in our old chairs.

l > i wish you were - but i'm so happy that at least you're 'here'!

d > all of the above, 'quiet' resonates in so many different ways )

and because i know you care, we had a roasted red pepper salad with lentils, olives and feta.


Amélie said...

Such a poetical atmosphere. Very Japanese. And indeed your shades of white, grey and brown are so delicate, that it's just as if it were a grey and white blog.

Valerie said...

i like this pebble line that goes from indoors to outdoors or vice versa...
and i make a wish that your four legged companion can continue to sunbathe near his family for quite a while x