chased by the heat back up the mountains - a convoy of friends.

but it wasn't as cool as last time. the sun, when he found you, was blistering, so we followed the shade with our blankets.

'is there any air conditioning?', a.'s friend asked this time; a.'s mood deteriorated to a sulk. but pine cones were gathered into heaps, books read under trees, long walks taken to the edge of the precipice. and finally, rose ice cream, which lit up 5 little smiles.



Demetris said...

Refreshing [rose ice cream + cool shade]

Metaxi Mas said...

Very happy that the 3 of us are (finally) again part of your blog entries. It is good to be back, although somebody should turn the temperature down a notch! xxxx

paula said...

sometimes summer is not easy (contrary to the song) and when it is high and everything around gets dry and blistering I could just behave like a. ... glad there are rose ice creams to lighten up faces!
enjoy a (possibly!) cooler week