a picnic in the old pine forest
where i spent my childhood summers
(one thousand nine hundred metres up, 15 degrees celsius down)
and when a passing cloud hid the sun
a.'s little friend said "somebody's just switched off the light"



v said...

SO good to be back in here...for me it feels like coming home.

on my trip i have been surrounded by the bright light all day long. no difference in night or day. coming home again the nights here feels endlessly dark..

lots of love

Metaxi Mas said...

The forest is beautiful and I know: you could stay there during the summer, it is just the right temperature....
Beautiful. Just read lots of your post out loud to v.
See you in less than 2 weeks.

Demetris said...

I can smell the pine forest...

olga inoue said...

dear xenia,

in few days i will
be stepping into the forest, and
it is just like yours. old tall
pines, ground - floor paved with
needles and blueberry short bushes,


eau de nil said...

v > so, so good to have you back!

l > it is the only place to be ) waiting . . .

d> up there with the best scents in the world, it always surprises me and takes me back.

o>the one thing missing from mine - blueberries.
have a beautiful time + please tell about it!