the little breeze that suddenly picked up yesterday afternoon
on the central plain is still blowing, a respite from the heat.

the days are still, but the night air transports sounds
of prayer and wedding parties, children running along the street,
animals barking and howling at no one in particular.

and outside our local post office there is a pot of basil
for people to rub their fingers on as they go in and out -
the scent of our summer.



coco said...

it is nice gentle shade you have.
rainy days here makes me difficult to be away from the nature and garden. i am longing for decent sunny days..

Lilli said...

I love the shade.
I kept thinking about that pot of basil, the scent of it against my fingers. About how it would have been welcomed here, a pot of basil outside the post office. How very few would have understood, maybe thinking that it was some weed. Now I know what to do, should it ever appear.

WSAKE said...

this sounds divine... i´m so thankful for cool wwind and rain here too and will i place a basil pot on my doorstep !

Ana Cooks said...

really nice!!!


paula said...

the words are absolutely beautiful and the image a distant memory ... the description of summer days could have been from here with its sensorial sounds and the scent of basil bush (ocimum minimum) which, as tradition says, you can only smell with your fingers or it will wilt with the touch of your nose *

Metaxi Mas said...

This is poetry. Even for me, who knows the places you describe very well. You put in words what we miss.

eau de nil said...

thank you all - it's so wonderful
reading your words, hearing about
your worlds. Paula, i had no idea!