salvatore, sometimes also known as mr cat,
cooling down near the sky .     .       .

[there is also a mina + a molly but they prefer
to keep their feet on the ground]

i feel nervous before each holiday in case he is not there
when we get back - because once he wasn't, and it took 9 months
before he was home again.

                                                                               [photo by k.]


a place 'under the sky' that i would love to visit.



Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Xenia,
I was wondering about Salvatore...
but he is really a freedom-loving soul!
You too?... look at that fabulous place near to the sky that you'd love to visit :)

I love the scent of Oleander... great photos.


Vibeke said...

when i read this beautiful poem today i suddenly thought of you....

by Anne Simpson

It opens. Yesterday it was furled, tight. Now the ceremonial carpets have been unrolled. Soon a miniature pope will come to stand at the balcony. No one will be able to hear what he's saying. Listen closely for the tiny bells, watch for the flicker of something gold. After the prayers, the blades of grass will be blessed. Inside each thing you can see the spaciousness of cathedrals.


Demetris said...

Emperor Salvatore! God bless him....

eau de nil said...

a > yes, before i had a child i was like him, freedom with all its risks. now i often catch myself tending the routine, watching it in case it breaks . . .

v > thank you - that last sentence, what i'm looking for.

d > . . . and please keep him safe despite himself!

paula said...

that is a wonderful "absent" cat