the caper flowers closing for the night on the bushes that grow wild out of the steps of the abandoned house across the road  -
the bees were rushing in to get one last drink.

45.5 degrees today


some random crumbs to a favourite blog where i often stop
to catch my cyberspace breath  .      .        .         .              .               .                  .

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Camila Faria said...

Beautiful flower. I love all your pictures.


Lilli said...

15 degrees today, what a difference.
Loving your trail of breadcrumbs, oh yes, I picked up each and every one of them.

The caper flower, such a miracle. Suppose it wouldn't enjoy our temperatures.


Demetris said...


paula said...

I don't recall having seen those caper flowers before . like delicate ballerinas . so pretty!

and I really enjoyed collecting all the crumbs you left scattered ... so inspirational!

temperatures have risen abruptly in the past couple of days and yesterday and today were mere "balmy" days of 41ºC where I live. compared to the +45ºC you have ... I would die with those extra 4!

... in the late afternoon the wind started to blow bringing slight respite ... tomorrow hopefully a handful of less degrees

stay cool! *

olga inoue said...

dear xenia,
i wish i could
cool down that hit
with our every day rains

all beautiful,
the flower i have never seen before
and wide white photos
under dots`

eau de nil said...

c > thank you - and your site, so inspirational !

l > yes, very nourishing those crumbs. the caper flower is one of the few perks for living through this terrible heat )

d > you know all about it, but you like it better than i do.

p > yes, tiny ballet shoes, i hadn't thought!

o> i wish you could blow a me a little cloud, i wouldn't be greedy ) i will try to show you more of the flower, petals made of paper