we're back home,
still trying to recover from
one night's lost sleep over the ocean

[+ another one looking for mr cat
who didn't come for his dinner -
thankfully found in the neighbour's garage
the next day with a bad knee]

and all those goodbyes.

i hope you've been well .   .       .



paula said...

welcome back dear Xenia! I trust you had a smashing time + poor mr. cat ... hope he feels better now

hugs + so nice to have you back :)

olga inoue said...

once again

dear xenia
welcome back

and about snails -
accidently i knew that
we had a theme with
children about them

good night,
calm dreams

Patrice A. said...

hello you
sweet dreams
take your time
we are here

Patrice A.

Demetris said...

Welcome back!
At least it is not jet-lag.
I wish speedy recovery to Mr. Cat.
Yes, we have been well...good to have you back.
See you in just over 2 weeks.

eau de nil said...

can't tell you how glad i am
to meet you all again here!